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hi i own you


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The one the only… unmissable and unavoidable.. Smeltie.
In case you’re wondering Smeltie is a mashup of 2 words: Smartie (candy) and melting.
Why Smartie? It was a nickname I got from a girl, why? Because I am a sweetie ;)

Ohayo! I’m Coconut, I have a minor addiction with catgirls. My persona is based on Coconut from Neko-para and I absolutely love expanding my hentai database. I have the famous Spotify Discord playlist.

Hey oniisan, I’m Spectral. I may seem like a socially awkward, weird and somewhat considerate person... but in reality I think that I’m better than everyone else and I plan to own everyone’s soul who reads this, therefore I would prefer to be called Satan.

Name comes from an old group I co-founded. >Affiliation: E4 Mafia
>Birthday: 8/19
>Height: 185cm
>Blood Type: A+
>Likes: Cat Girls and FPS games.

Event Planners

Engineering student from the best state in the USA, Texas. I have way too many anime on my to watch list, but ill take any good suggestions XD. Holo is best waifu. No discussion. And one last thing,

who needs 3 swords when you got gears-One Piece references

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Community Ambassadors

Being in this category does not make the member staff, they are just good representations of good community members, you will notice that most Community Ambassadors are also staff, there is a reason for this.


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