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Heya, I'm Scrumpy!
Not much to know about me, but the name is my dogs.


"im an asshole"

Ohayo! I’m Coconut, I have a minor addiction with catgirls. My persona is based on Coconut from Neko-para and I absolutely love expanding my hentai database. I have the famous Spotify Discord playlist.

Hey oniisan, I’m Spectral. I may seem like a socially awkward, weird and somewhat considerate person... but in reality I think that I’m better than everyone else and I plan to own everyone’s soul who reads this, therefore I would prefer to be called Satan.

Name comes from an old group I co-founded. >Affiliation: E4 Mafia
>Birthday: 8/19
>Height: 185cm
>Blood Type: A+
>Likes: Cat Girls and FPS games.

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None yet, perhaps soon 

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who needs 3 swords when you got gears-One Piece references