TeamTrees Fundrasier

25th October 2019

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Have you ever wanted to do something actually productive instead of just retweeting something?

You have? Good, now you can. (read on)

Introducing #TeamTrees

"#TeamTrees started in May 2019 when the internet challenged Mr. Beast to plant 20 million trees to commemorate hitting the 20M subscriber milestone. Fans then suggested he band together with a bunch of other YouTubers and influencers to make it happen. A growing group of them have been working hard for the past five months to set up the framework for this insane goal to have a fighting chance of success."

So you wanna donate? How much is it?

$1 = 1 Tree, yes they will actually plant 1 tree.

So how do you donate?


1) You can either type "donate" in #bot-commands and donate (a minimum) of $5 & get a cool role (100% of all money will be sent to, if paypal fees remove some, ill cover it.)

2) OR; Go directly to and donate there.

TeamTrees was setup by Mr. Beast and over 600+ youtubers, including the likes or Mark Rober, PewDiePie, Captain Disillusions & Slo Mo Guys participating (more are listed on their website).

So yeah, that's about it, go donate either through the server or directly, oh yeah you also get a green role.