Spooktober Event

1st October 2019

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With the coming of October and all things spooky, we have a few updates to let you all know of. We will start off with some of the smaller things.

Updated Server Icon (hopefully it isn't so spooky that it scares you all away)

MEE6 experience will be multiplied by 1.5x for the entire month, use this to catch @Mr. Waifu and end his flexing... He has been punished by Cthulhu and will not be able to earn XP this month >:)

We are also kicking off a special server wide event for the entire month. On top of coins, you will also be earning one candy for every message sent (Crunchybot Premium does not get any bonus candy like they do coins). At the end of the month, those who have amassed at least 5k candy will be given a special Spooktober Event Role. Whoever has the number one spot, will get a unique role and crowned our victor. We will still continue to host our events as per normal, think of this as a passive event for our server to reward activity.

If you want to check your candy stash, simply use cr!candy and cr!candy-leaderboard in #》bot-commands just like you would coins. Happy Trick-or-Treating everybody!

- The Crunchyroll Staff Team

Event Ends

Event ending at this time, try to get 5k before then!