Christmas Event

1st December 2019

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We have something similar to the Spooktober event, there is another event planned for this month.

Updated Server Icon (as always) 

MEE6 experience will be multiplied by 1.5x for the entire month, seemed to work out nicely last time. 

We are also kicking off another special server wide event for the entire month. On top of coins, you will also be earning one present for every message sent (Crunchybot Premium does not get any bonus presents like they do coins).  

All members displayed on cr!presents-leaderboard will get a Santa's-Elf role. 

All people with 5,000 presents will get the Christmas role. 

Number one person on cr!presents-leaderboard gets a super special Christmas role. 

If you want to check your present stash, simply use cr!presents and cr!presents-leaderboard in #》bot-commands just like you would coins.

To the people who have been here since before October, yes, this is pretty much a copy paste announcement, why? Because the last one was very well written, don't @ me. 

- The Crunchyroll Staff Team

Event Ends

Event ending at this time, try to get 5k before then!